Oligo-Production according to GMP-Standards
quality – flexibility – traceability – reliability

Our diagnostic oligonucleotide synthesis service has been certified according to ISO 13485:2003 since 2011. Production, purification, final-fill and shipping is undertaken in dedicated labs under controlled conditions and meet the elevated quality standards required for products used in clinical or molecular diagnostic applications.

Specifications of purification and QC methods, dedicated columns, Certificate of Analysis and quality standards can all be defined by the customer themself.

General information

Special synthesis
Internal modifications, 5´Quencher - 3´Reporter, Inosin/Wobbles and many more synthesis options available

Purification options
Purification of primers and probes differs according to sequence and dyes. Typically we use RP/IX-HPLC.
Please enquire for more purification options.
Dedicated columns for HPLC-purification are available on request.

Turnaround time
Depending on the size of the order we need at least 5 working days.

QC options
customized "Certificate of Analysis" on request

Overview Reporter-Quencher